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Quick Facts about the Occult Revolution:

Why is there such a tremendous development in the field of occultism? What is the powerful force driving it? The easy answer is "the devil is behind it," but in this case, the easy answer also happens to be the truth: the devil is behind it. The Scripture says he is "the god of this age" and "the prince of the power of the air" (2 Cor. 4:4, Eph. 2:2). Today, in the United States and in our foreign mission fields, millions of people are involved in the kingdom of the cults, but there are hundreds of millions of people involved in the occult revolution; numbers so high they cannot accurately be counted.(1)

David Moore, a writer for the Gallup Organization, analyzes the American interest in the occult: "A recent Gallup survey shows that just about three in four Americans hold some paranormal belief-in at least one of the following: extra sensory perception (ESP), haunted houses, ghosts, mental telepathy, clairvoyance, astrology, communicating with the dead, Witches, reincarnation, and channeling."(2) According to Gallup, this 2005 poll shows "little change" from the original poll four years earlier (2001). With the population of the United States hovering around 300 million people, these believers would account for approximately 225 million Americans. In view of these statistics, the number of adherents worldwide must be astronomical. This does not indicate that those who believe in it also practice it, but belief is generally the first step toward practice.

Unfortunately, it is increasingly common today that people investigate psychic phenomenon, explore ESP and clairvoyance, and probe astrology in order to discover what might happen tomorrow. Tremendous progress has been made in Parapsychology and in the study and analysis of psychic phenomena that, fifty years ago, scholars would have found absurd.(3) Duke University once led the nation in developing a department of study for Parapsychology, but today there are at least twenty scholarly journals, many from universities, devoted to studying paranormal and Parapsychology. In our modern world, it has achieved pseudoscientific validation through media programs that give the audience precisely what they wish to see; some of it genuine, some questionable. This peculiar combination of fantasy and reality piques people's interest, and they may go on to embrace psychics, ESP, and Parapsychology because of it.(4)

  1. Two reasons that the number is difficult to fix is that there is an overlapping of cults with the occult and no one has attempted a worldwide poll or statistic on occult practitioners. See, however, the ensuing paragraph on the 2005 Gallup Poll statistics on American belief in occultic practices.
  2. The Gallup Organization, "Three in Four Americans Believe in Paranormal," Gallup, June 16, 2005, (accessed May 31, 2006).
  3. Duke University developed a department of study for Parapsychology, the Rhine Research Center, in 1935.
  4. Although the world of the occult is a reality, it rarely performs for television cameras. Facts, storytelling, and circumstantial evidence can be manipulated and combined with educated guesses to make anything appear plausible.